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A cozy restaurant in Tampa where the soul food is just like grandma used to make – that's Blue Flame Tampa for you. They're all about Southern comfort food that's big on flavor and heart. 

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Marketing Blue Flame Restaurant On Social Media

Our Marketing Objective

Tasty Imagery: Get people to desire their food with some tasty photos.

Create Tasty Instagram Reels: Short videos focused on their buffet-style servings.

Focus on Tampa Community: Aim these visuals at the Tampa crowd to engage a local fan base.

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Our Successful Marketing Result For Blue Flame Tampa

300K+ Views: Our reels blew up, racking up over 700,000 combined organic views.
From 6000 to 20000 followers in 2 months.
Buzz Around Town:
People started chatting more about Blue Flame Tampa restaurant online.
More Hungry Customers: The best part? More people started coming in, many saying those reels brought them there.

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