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Slappin Chick, located in Long Island, serves up the latest fast food trend: Nashville-style hot chicken. Recognizing the need to boost their online presence, they partnered with our agency to handle their social media marketing, aiming to connect with more food enthusiasts and highlight their tasty options.

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Slappin Chick Restaurants: Content Creation

We visited Slappin Chick in New York to capture their Nashville-style hot chicken firsthand. Our team took professional photos and videos for their social media and website, including Instagram and TikTok reels. We focused on showcasing the crispness and texture of their signature chicken tenders, highlighting every detail from the cooking process to the final presentation.

Social Media Marketing Process

We used the content captured at Slappin Chick to craft targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, and to post across various social media platforms. Our standout campaigns not only boosted the restaurant's sales but also significantly enhanced brand awareness, connecting their unique flavors with a broader audience.

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Paid Ads Approach

Slappin Chick's brand awareness has soared in Long Island, thanks to our targeted social media marketing strategies and attention-grabbing content. By optimizing their ads and focusing on maximizing conversions at the lowest cost per click, we've helped Slappin Chick stand out in the crowded digital landscape, making their mark among local food enthusiasts. 

Hot Chicken Burger With Honey
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