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Vegan on the Fly serves up New York-style halal vegan street food right in the heart of Manhattan, NY and we were honored to travel to VOTF from Tampa, to capture stand out content for their social media. 

Man In purple hoodie standing in Manhattan, NY

Halal Street Food For Vegans

The concept of vegan halal street food is a groundbreaking innovation that allows vegans to savor classic street food flavors, reimagined. Vegan on the Fly offers everything from burgers and gyros to desserts, all crafted to please the palate without compromising on taste or tradition. This fresh take on street cuisine introduces a  diverse menu that ensures every vegan in Manhattan can enjoy in their favorite ingredients.

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Marketing Content For Vegan On The Fly

Our social media agency initially collaborated with the Tampa location of Vegan on the Fly, and due to our successful partnership, we were invited to their New York location to create additional content. Our team produced high-quality reels and photos, enhancing their social media presence with visually striking content that really made their platforms stand out. This strategic content generation helped captivate a broader audience, showcasing their innovative vegan halal cuisine in a dynamic, engaging way.

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Marketing Restaurants In New York

If you're located in New York, Long Island, or the surrounding areas, our content creation agency is here to elevate your restaurant's marketing with expertly crafted content

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